In response to customer and industry feedback, CANETEC has recently sourced a new cab for our harvesters. The new cabin space is designed to offer a level of operator comfort and functionality that meets or exceeds industry standards.

We Listened to the Feedback

While our harvesters have always been designed to perform well, we received feedback that the previous cabin space presented some challenges.

These included:

  • Operators fatiguing sooner than they would in a more comfortable environment
  • Lower visibility than our competitors’ cabins
  • Noise levels needed to be reduced

The previous cabin also presented some challenges for us in fitting it to our machines and connecting circuits for lights, controls and the CAN bus system.

The Perfect Solution

After much research, the perfect solution came from the German machinery manufacturer CLAAS. As they don’t make cane harvesters themselves, CLAAS were happy to supply us with a ready-to-fit cabin with the same appointments and fittings as their own world-class combine harvesters.

Some of the features include:

  • Super-comfortable ergonomic driver’s seat
  • Intuitively designed and positioned controls
  • Automatic air-conditioning
  • Large esky installed underneath a comfortable dicky seat  
  • Plenty of leg room
  • All round visibility including rear glass window
  • Wipers on side windows as well as front
  • Excellent soundproofing

For us at CANETEC, CLAAS have been a pleasure to work with providing us with comprehensive support and product information and, very importantly, reliable supply. They are very quick to respond to any of our enquiries.

The new cabin has also improved our manufacturing process being much easier to fit to our harvesters. It is relatively straightforward with all electrical circuits and controls already in place and just requiring connection.

We are exceptionally proud of the new cabin space which creates a pleasant work environment for harvester operators and has vastly improved the quality of our finished product.