CANETEC is investing in a new Vertical Machining Centre to replace our current CNC milling machine. The new Tongtai machine will deliver massive time savings in addition to expanding our machining capabilities.

Production Times to be Slashed

Our process data tells us that around 60% of production time on our current 2-axis machine is the operators having to set-up and reposition the job in order for the machine to do its work. That means only around 40% of ‘production time’ is actual production.

The new 3-axis machine will allow us to dramatically reduce this set-up time due to not having to reposition the job as often. Further to that, it will bring even more time savings with quicker cutting and easier maintenance.

Expanded Machining Capabilities

In addition to making quality cane harvesters, CANETEC also serves the agriculture, mining and waste management industries with general engineering services.

With the time savings provided by the new machining centre along with its additional capabilities, we envisage being able to increase our own machining capabilities and the range of jobs we can deliver for our engineering customers.

Other Benefits

The investment in the new Vertical Machining Centre will also have several other benefits including:

  • Improved working conditions for operators
  • Reduced costs and carbon footprint through significant power savings
  • Reduced noise
  • The machine’s cooling system will extend spindle life and reduce downtime cots due to parts replacement

At the time of writing, our operators are preparing for the arrival of the new machine with much excitement and anticipation.