The Next Generation of Cane Harvesters

Developed for Harvesting Best Practice

CANETEC works closely with Sugar Research Australia to stay abreast of current research into best practices. By doing so, we are able to continuously improve our harvesters. Our customers know that the machine they are buying has been designed in line with the best research available to help make their operation as efficient as possible.

Some of the features of our cane harvesters that have been developed as a result of this research include:

  • Functionality of key components that perform operations including topping, gathering, forward feed, base cutting, lifting, chopping and extracting.
  • Minimising cane loss during harvesting due to harvester systems including pick-up, basecutting, chopping and cleaning.
  • Development of electronic control systems to adjust quickly to changing conditions in the field for optimum performance.
  • Smart design and use of materials to minimise harvester weight and subsequent soil compaction.
  • Manoeuvrability for efficient turning.
  • Attention to cabin space for optimum operator well-being and comfort.
  • All of our harvesters are designed for optimum performance when operated in line with the recommendations contained in the Sugar Research Australia’s Harvesting Best Practice Manual.


At its core, ‘LEAN’ is the art of maximising value to the customer while minimising waste in the manufacturing process.

It is a proven pathway adopted by many of the world’s best manufacturers to achieve optimum product quality, facilitate continuous improvement and make processes as efficient and effective as possible.

For CANETEC it a key to our ability to deliver quality products on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your harvesters as robust as heavier machines?

Through clever design and use of materials, and years of testing and refining, we have developed machines that are just as tough as heavier machines in their class. However, their lighter weight delivers benefits such as improved fuel efficiency and lower soil compaction.

Can you make track machines for damp soils?

Yes. Our harvesters are all available with tracks.

Other than being lighter, what other performance benefits do your harvesters offer?

Our customers are reporting that the highly efficient cutting and extraction systems on our machines are delivering lower levels of cane loss and improved cane/trash ratios. Our own testing verifies these findings.