About Canetec

A Different Approach to Manufacturing

Buying a new machine with standard specifications can mean having to compromise on features and outlaying a large investment for something which may be good, but not quite ideal for your operation.

CANETEC’s  ‘made-to-order’ manufacturing process allows us to modify our standard specifications to meet your needs.

Some of the things that growers ask for include:

  • Tighter turning circle
  • Enhanced operator comfort
  • Ability to drive on soft or damp soils
  • Additional features such tool storage

We utilise LEAN manufacturing principles to achieve optimum quality control, continuous improvement and waste minimisation. 

Who is Canetec?

CANETEC Pty Ltd (formerly Bundaberg Mobile Equipment) is an Australian-owned sugar cane equipment manufacturer and high-quality engineering services business.

Our traditional customer base is the Australian sugar cane growing industry, however, our export business is rapidly expanding to other parts of the Oceania region and Asia.
Meanwhile, our engineering services have also grown to include a more diverse agriculture market along with the mining and waste management industries.

CANETEC’S reputation for providing high-quality products on-time and on-budget is the result of:

  • Building an experienced team of passionate and skilled engineers, trades technicians and support staff
  • Working with strategic partners whose values are aligned with ours and whose
    strengths complement ours
  • Listening to customer needs

Made In Australia for the Whole World

CANETEC is a proudly Australian business.
Our products are built in Australia for reliability and performance under Australian conditions.

However, it’s not just Australian customers who are benefiting from our high standards.
We also have customers in other parts of the world (particularly Asia) who are enjoying the superior performance of our harvesters.


Kumiki Co., Ltd is an integral part of CANETEC Pty Ltd’s product distribution network and has the primary responsibility to support CANETEC sugarcane harvesting equipment, parts, warranty, service and technical support in Japan and within Japanese archipelagos.

Please contact Kumiki Co., Ltd with regard to their business hours and additional service/product offerings. Kumiki Co., Ltd offers sales, after sales, and customer support to CANETEC commercial products; incorporating the latest technology and processes to ensure they deliver parts efficiently and effectively every time.

Our Values









Three More Key Reasons to Consider a Canetec Harvester

We Are Committed to Quality

CANETEC strives for excellence by providing high quality products on time and on budget. Our manufacturing process is subject to strict quality checks at every stage to ensure that materials and workmanship are of the exacting standards that our customers, and our reputation, demand.

For supplied components CANETEC only uses partners whose own quality standards and values are aligned with ours.

We Are Located in the Heart of Australia’s Cane Industry

CANETEC’S manufacturing hub is located in Bundaberg in the heart of the Australian east coast cane growing strip. Customers can easily visit our facility to have first-hand input into the building of their machinery.

Our location in the Bundaberg Technology Park also provides us with a competitive advantage. We have the ability to network and benchmark our practices with other innovative manufacturers in the facility.

Professional & Prompt After Sales Service

CANETEC employs dedicated technicians who are available to travel anywhere to commission new machines and fix issues covered under warranty. 

We are proud of the reliability of our machines, however, in the event that you do need assistance you will enjoy outstanding after sales service to get you moving again as quickly as possible.